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Now Offering Fascial Release Therapy 

What is Fascia??

Fascia is best described as the "Saran Wrap" of the body. It keeps everything in place and moving well together. Unlike Muscle, Fascia is very elastic, meaning it does not contract and relax that easily. Even if the MUSCLE is released, there may still be fascial adhesions blocking the muscle from moving through it's full range of motion resulting in limitation and pain.
In short, Fascia is a web of connective tissue that flows through out body and connects EVERYTHING. It should be able to stretch and recoil but because of trauma, inflammation and posture we can actually strain and harden it.

What is Fascial Release and how can it help me? 

Fascial Release is correcting posture and alignment through the fascial slings, it can release tension throughout the fascial line and fascial imbalances can be corrected. It helps reduce pain, gives greater range of motion, and can actually help reduce cellulite. 


A high percentage of people suffering from pain and lack of motion may have undiagnosed fascial problems. 

Fascial Release is ideal for anyone with tension, tired muscles, stiffness or soreness from sleeping in an odd position, sitting at a desk or just ordinary everyday stresses. 

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