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Welcome to my website! I'm delighted to have the opportunity to share my journey and passion for helping others develop a positive relationship with food, exercise, and their bodies. My own experiences with body image struggles, unhealthy relationships with food and exercise, and the pursuit of an empowered lifestyle have shaped me into the person I am today.


For years, I battled with negative body image and constantly felt at odds with my own reflection. Especially after having children. The comparison trap and social media  weighed heavily on me, leading to unhealthy habits and damaging beliefs about my self-worth. However, through my personal struggles and growth, I discovered the transformative power of embracing body positivity and celebrating what my body can do and what it has done for me.  


In my quest for self-acceptance, I recognized the importance of nourishing not only my body but also my mind and spirit. This realization led me to explore the connection between mental health and physical well-being. I discovered that exercise, when approached with a healthy mindset, had a profound impact on my overall mental well-being. It became a source of empowerment, allowing me to reclaim my identity and feel like myself again. I was more than just Mom. I was Jenn, I was strong, and I knew I wanted to help others feel this way too. This is when I decided to obtain my personal training certification. My calling was to help others.  


Witnessing the impact of my own transformation, mentally and physically I was determined to help others embrace an active and healthy lifestyle in a positive way. I wanted to shift the focus from punishment to celebration, from body-shaming to body love. Through patience, education, and leading by example, I successfully convey the importance of nourishing our bodies, loving ourselves, and cherishing the incredible things our bodies are capable of.


I am committed to helping my clients develop a positive relationship with food and exercise, empowering them to love their bodies and celebrate their unique strengths. By emphasizing a healthy - almost stress free approach to well-being, I strive to address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health, understanding that true wellness encompasses much more than just appearance.


With a compassionate and understanding approach, I aim to create a safe space for my clients to explore their own journey towards self-acceptance and empowerment. Through personalized guidance, education, and practical tools, I assist my clients in embracing a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle that aligns with their unique needs, values, and personal goals.


I am thrilled to be part of your transformation and look forward to accompanying you on your path towards a positive relationship with food, exercise, and self. Together, we can discover the joy of nourishing our bodies, cultivating self-love, and celebrating the incredible capabilities within us. Let's embark on this empowering journey together!


I am a certified Personal Trainer through (CPTN), certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Coach (CPPC), a Level 1 Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition (PN1) and a certified Fascial Posture Training Specialist. ​

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This woman is magic! She has an amazing upbeat and loveable personality. She makes you feel confident and excited to get healthy. Extremely motivating, while pushing me in a gentle and non-judgmental way to the best version of myself. After 4 cesareans, I was doing core exercises that I shouldn’t have been doing because my abs were separated. I didn’t even know this was a thing! She taught me the best way to strengthen myself for success, by substituting work outs for others to further my strength and endurance based on my body type. Highly recommend!!

Stephanie B.

Jenn was an amazing coach to work with! First, her honesty about her own fitness journey was inspiring and she was always supportive - available to answer questions and demonstrate safe practices, flexible to find a program and exercises I looked forward to doing, and she held me accountable by regularly checking in. She was my biggest cheerleader!! Jenn was my first step on my fitness journey and I highly recommend her - friendly, focused, FUN, knowledgeable, supportive, and accountable - she is exactly what one looks for in a personal trainer!

Bethany M

Jenn has an energy about her that allows everyone to feel at ease and included. She is genuine, passionate and thorough. Her honesty allows us to be REAL right along with her, making everyone feel comfortable enough to be themselves. She truly cares about her clients’ success and works very hard to meet everyone’s training needs. She will motivate you to improve while making sure you have the tools to succeed. I always enjoy myself doing her classes and I look forward to continuing our fitness journey together.

Sara P.


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